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Friday, April 15, 2005


Happy holidays !!! tat's the only words i can think of now...yes, FINALLY i got a normal break..a 2 months holiday yay ! i'm so excited...kin cheong lo... still haven't figure out what to do i guess i will laze around in da house this couple of days....plans plans plans, wat plans ? hanging around ? eat sleep play ? work ? damn is another problem for me...i complained the hols is too short n now i start to mumbling kakakaka...but i guess human won't be satisfied so easily, right ? i can take a deep breath...i will be sleeping in air cond room in just a few hours for the first time in a long long time ! syok ! ( to those who still in cyber here's a msg to all of u : HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA)


ehem, tomorrow i will be going gurney to ask for job, but i'm not so sure whether they will wan to hire me for less than 2 months, prehaps i will lie to them that i wanna work permanently, but my friends warned me againts is kinda of dillema for me. On the another side, i feel like lepak for 2 months !! then i can have fun, i can go chill, i can sleep late, wake up late and i can hang out wif cindy :) but i can lose $$$ as well.. arghh what should i do ....

aih is late now, i wanna watch a movie then sleep, just to update this place so i wrote all the rubbish above.. miss my fren is cyber (HAHAHA!) till then babai !

signed out,

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

WWE---World Wrestling Entertainment

For those who dunno, i m a huge WWE fan, and i mean it. Name me any wrestler name, any move, any rules, any event and i can give u the answer. huhu.

let me briefly explain about WWE and the system, first it's WWE now, not use to be WWF until another WWF--World Wildlife Federation sued the wrestling federation and sadly, succeeded. It happen in 2000 and so WWF had to be rename and became the current WWE, but still, the fans didn't go away and the company continue to make great show on tv. Basically the company is divided into 2 shows--RAW and SMACKDOWN! whereas RAW is widely tipped as the premium show and SMACKDOWN! the ''2nd'' show.

RAW and SMACKDOWN! dun have any relation, both have their own storyline and normally won't clash with each other. WWE is like drama series, each week there will be a 2-hours show, the story continue to build until it reach the climax or finale where rivals settle their score once and for all during the pay-per-view event. The pay per view normally held once a month and it is a 3 hours show...well you must pay so that u can watch it but i dun subscribe RM22.50 to astro, i buy the pirated vcd which cost only 10 bucks, it's much worth it, that's my opinion. I got the whole collection if you want to watch.

I like WWE because it's real man, yea everyone knows it's fake when they are hitting each other, but its not a matter of fake or not, i'm very impress with the athleticsm. Picture this, a 50 plus years old man take a slam from about 2 feet in the air, or a woman get doing a backflip 4 or 5 times in a row, amazing isn't it ? And prehaps the most amazing thing is that in a match, only the winner is decided, the move in the match, how the match being handled are all decided by the involved wrestlers.

Kurt Angle---my favourite wrestler, a true olypic champion, gold medalist in the 1996 atalanta olympics.

p/s: RAW is shown every tues 10pm astro channel 80, we get the full version and it's late by 1 day only---meaning in US the show is monday nite, and the day after we get to watch it in malaysia !!! featured wrestlers : HHH, batista, randy orton, Y2J, chris benoit, HBK, Edge, kane.
SMACKDOWN! is shown on TV3 every wed nite 11pm, unfortunately we only get the ''edited'' version, 1 hour show, with alot of censors. featured wrestlers : undertaker, kurt angle, big show, JBL, booker T, mysterio,eddie guererro,john cena.

Do join us (me and adrian) every tuesday 10 pm in aunty's, we will be there every week without fail!

Monday, January 24, 2005


It's been another eventful year passby and here we are...2 weeks more to HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! "clap'' ''clap'' ''clap''.. errr wait..the date is 24th JAn ---is already a NEW year...we are already in 2005.. oro ? well well its CNY--chinese new year !! but sorry fellows, this event is for chinese only and i mean ONLY...huhu ..well of course with the exception if u believe in the spirit of ''perpaduan''. wink. CNY for me is the event of the year-- it is the day (or 2 days, or 3 days, or 1 week, watever) that family members from all over the world coming back and gather around, you can see grown up cousin, grown old uncles and aunties, new born babies but the same old bond-family bond. You can ses the joy on the faces in everywhere, and prehaps the most happy person would be my grandma, seeing her kids, some for the first time in a year, will be emotional.
For me, well i will be looking foward to the CNY's eve, the reunion dinner. It has been tradition--well for the past 10 years at least, that 1 family will prepare 2 kinds of food and because there will be 10 families, wait let me count 10 times 2= 20 different foods available, yummy ! well the reason i said there will be different foods is because they will discuss first before deciding what to cook so that there won't be any clashes, smart eh? Then we have ''lou yi sang'' on that night also, althogh i hate to eat this but i will be playing the fool when every1 start to ''lou'', i will normally ''lou'' together in the sake of playing the food, kakakaka

Well i think i will stop now, hope u guys understand what i'm writing--i was ''forced'' to write this article because someone keep complaining i never update my blog :) till we meet again, i'm out of here !

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Episode 1.

yo yo ya doin'. yap, a new blog has been born. Man, i remembered last time i use to criticise whenever i read any ''blog'' , i would think that it's a watse of time to actually write crap and let people read your daily life or what u been doing....but heck lately i started to read peoples's blog and hell, guess wat? there's loads of MMU guys out there posting articles, pictures and many's like blogging is so happening man~~i started to click blog after blog, which link me to freind's friend's friend's friend's blog....darn, cant denied that it actually caught my interest so much. So i made up my mind and i made my first move....yea tat's sign up for the blog..( havta change my blogspot address 4 times that finally come to this, huhu)..and here am i.... typng this crap. **applause** for me that i join the community..kukukukukuku......well well, i actually write this in the last day of 2004..but who cares ..nah here's ur HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005!!!